1. Do you use any maida in the bread?
           No, all our products including our breads do not contain any maida or refined flour. We use whole grains like organic whole wheat and millets.
2. Do you add gluten to the bread?
           No, we do not add gluten to the bread.
3. Why is the volume of the bread pack smaller than other breads available in the market?
           We offer our breads in 300g loaves. We do not use any bread improvers, which is what makes the bread rise more and gives it more volume. Hence, our breads are more dense. 2 slices of our bread is equivalent to 4 slices of other breads. It is rich in fibre hence will keep you full for longer.
4. What is the shelf life of the bread?
           Our breads will stay at room temperature for 3 days. If refrigerated, they will stay for upto a week. Please do toast it on the tawa or toaster before serving it, as this will ensure the bread is becomes soft.
           Home-made roti or chappati, will start developing a funny smell and start spoiling in 2 days if not stored properly or kept in the fridge. Since our breads are made using the same ingredients you would use if you made them at home, they would need to be refrigerated if they need to be kept for more than 3 days.
5. Do you deliver home?
           Yes, we have home delivery service in limited locations in Bangalore. Please whatsapp on +91-9986933939 for more details.
6. Are your products safe for children to consume?
            We use only those ingredients you would use at home to make the same products. It is safe for kids to have unless they have an allergy to any ingredients we use. Kindly check the ingredients list or contact us for more information.


  Customer Care No: +91-9986933939